Staging Your Home Tips

When it comes time to sell your home, what does it say to Buyers when they enter the door? 

The first impression is very important and critical to helping the Buyer see the home as theirs.  So what are some of the best tips that you can do when staging your home?  Take a look at this HGTV article on home staging tips.  While these are tips you can use for yourself, you may want to seek the advice of a professional.  A Professional Home Stage will be able to asses your home and design a space that will attract and address the needs of a Buyer.

Many studies have shown that staged homes sell faster.  One study noted in the Wall Street Journal tracked 174 unfurnished homes listed for sale in 2011, they stayed on the market on average 156 days.  Those same properties were staged and re-listed, selling on average of 42 days.  While there is a cost associated to have your home professionally staged, it must be weighed against the cost of carrying a home on the market.


Estimated Cost per day to hold a property on the market: $20 (taxes, utilities, etc.)

114 days (156 unfurnished – 42 furnished) * $20 = $2,280

If the cost to have the property staged and furniture rental is $1,500, then you have reduced your time and expense to have the house on the market.  One factor that can not be counted is the stress and anxiety that can come from having a home not sale.  Make sure you consider all the options and have your home properly staged for optimal results.


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